Grammy Producers Recognized Springsteen

The Grammy Awards producers recognizes Bruce Springsteen for his creativity and his philanthropic contributions. He will be receiving the 2013 MusiCares Person of the Year Award from the Recording...more

Pink Well Challenge Raised $9M

According to Lester Smith, philanthropist and two-time cancer survivor, the Pink Well Challenge has raised a total of $9M for the fight breast cancer campaign; over $8M was raised by 30 participating...more

Artificial Intelligence - A Boost for Journalism?
Foundation: Knight Foundation

Paul Cheung, director for journalism at Knight Foundation, writes that when AI is harnessed properly, it can become journalism's 'superfood'. According to Cheung, there are many examples of how AI...more

Walmart Foundation Awards $140,000

A $140,000 was given to Spokane's YMCA and six other Washington state chapters through The Walmart Foundation and its Washington State Giving Council for hunger relief. The Walmart Foundation...more

Corporate Philanthropy: Creating Value for the Company and Community

There have been rapid transformations that shaped contemporary corporate social responsibility (CSR). With philanthropic assistance, businesses make a positive impact on society, while building value...more

Modern-age of Philanthropy

In the current age of mixed intentions, the world of philanthropy is more than pleased to acknowledge the presence of noble hearts and spirits that intend to help out the community in whatever...more

A.R. Lewis Elementary Mentors Recognized

The Reserve at Lake Keowee Community Foundation was recently recognized for it's mentorship program at A.R. Lewis and mentors were thanked for their work with students. Superintendent Dr. Kelly...more

8th Annual Mustard Seed Spin

The 8th annual Mustard Seed Spin was held at American River Bike Trail with over 500 riders and has raised over $150,000 for the school. Featured photos exhibit the fun each rider had during the...more

How Africa Can Overcome Barriers To Innovation

Government has a significant role to play in fostering innovation in the economy. In the developed world, government funding of research and support for intellectual property and patent protection...more

The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy's Take on Environmental Grants

The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy has recently stated in one of their reports that the biggest national environmental groups get the most charitable dollars, while important...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Celebrity Support in Social Enterprises

Although celebrity names and support associated with social enterprises can be an effective tool to promote a business and tackle a social mission, they do come with their risks.

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