uAspire receives $25,000 grant from Miami Foundation

The Miami Foundation has awarded a grant in the amount of $25,000 to the uAspire. The grant will be used to help students prepare for college as well as to prepare them for the right degree and help...more

Three West Coast Universities Receive Grants
Foundation: Moore Foundation

The University of California in Berkeley, California Institute of Technology, and University of Washington in Seattle were awarded with grants totaling $6 million by the Gordon and Betty Moore...more

Community Foundation Invests on Muskegon's Future
Foundation: Community Foundation for Muskegon County

The Community Foundation for Muskegon County continues to invest on Muskegon County's future with its over $125 million in assets. They have become a vital funding source for efforts of moving the...more

Annual Wonder of Women to Feature ESPN\'s Cari Champion
Foundation: Main Street Community Foundation

The 13th Annual Wonder of Women (WOW) event will feature guest speaker Cari Champion of ESPN. The event is held by the Women & Girls\' Fund at Main Street Community Foundation, and will run at the...more

Domestic Violence Prosecutor Funding Receives Grant

Mary Gale Foundation gave out a $30,000 annual grant which should address the large percentage of domestic violence cases against the elderly, a very frail population. According to foundation...more

LoveWay Receives $50,000 Grant for Expansion
Foundation: Elkhart County Community Foundation

LoveWay therapeutic horse riding program gets a $50,000 grant from the Elkhart County Community Foundation for its expansion. The expansion involves the installation of a new fence to improve safety...more

Bikes of Reckless Optimism urges students to partake in social enterprise

Chelsea Koglmeier is a graduate of Duke University who worked in Uganda on a microfinance project among the refugees there. While working, she noticed that one of the most important contributions a...more

Corporate aid continues for arts groups

The Arts Alive Foundation, sponsored by PNC Bank, has selected seven worthy organizations to receive grants totaling $250,000. An endeavor that has been carried out for the last seven years, the Arts...more

University of Colorado Boulder Student Researchers Receive Grant
Foundation: Gates Foundation

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded the student researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder with a grant through the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge. The student researchers were...more

Sen. David Vitter Disappointed with Komen Foundation

After all the social media firestorm, Komen Foundation caved in and reversed the decision on making Planned Parenthood still eligible for funding. This decision disappointed Sen. David Vitter,...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Socially Conscious Cafe Now Serving Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and the World

Socially Conscious Cafe Now Serving Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and the World
Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside has popped a new business: Lost + Found Cafe founded by owners, Kane Ryan and Salomeh Jalali. But...

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