Tumbleweed Bead Co. Announces Philanthropic Partners to Empower Women

Tumbleweed Bead Co. has announced the launch of The Promise Project and a national philanthropic partnership with two organizations who do work to empower women: Women Thrive Worldwide and YWCA...more

Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation Awards $2.1 Million in Grants

The public schools in seven Northern New Mexico counties were awarded grants totaling $2.1 million by the Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation. The grants will enable the schools to teach...more

Eye Women's Association

Seven passionate women in Trivandrum have found time to volunteer themselves to contribute generously to significant causes by forming Eye Women's Association (EWA), a recently inaugurated charitable...more

Can Family Philanthropy Bring Benefits?

Family philanthropy is often viewed as one of the best methods to help family members learn to work together. From there, families establish legacies that will be handed down many generations....more

What makes an effective social enterprise accelerator?

Social enterprise accelerators need to grow in order to match the needs of more diversified entrepreneurs and link them up with investors. In the world of impact investing, we are rapidly seeing a...more

Foothills Community Foundation Donates to American Red Cross Western Carolinas Region
Foundation: Foothills Community Foundation

The American Red Cross Western Carolinas Region has received a grant of $5,000 from the Foothills Community Foundation for raising over $20,000 for the Foothills Community Challenge. The American...more

Jewish Community Foundation Grants Nearly $25,000

Jewish Community Foundation awards annual scholarships and loans totaling nearly $25,000 to eight St. Louis undergrad and graduate students. Haleah Cassell, a first-time recipient of the L. Allen...more

Thiel Foundation Announces First-Ever Breakout Labs 2013 Awards

The Thiel Foundation, an organization that defends and promotes freedom at all levels, announces its first Breakout Labs awards of 2013 to two start-up companies: SkyPhrase, Inc. and Stealth...more

Welborn Baptist Foundation Changes Funding Process
Foundation: Welborn Baptist Foundation

Welborn Baptist Foundation has recently announced that there will be changes on how they grant awards as its 2012 funding cycle starts. A workshop will be conducted by the foundation to discuss...more

Scotiabank Bright Future Young Leaders Award

Under the highly successful global philanthropic program Bright Future, Scotiabank has announced an international youth award program, the Scotiabank Bright Future Young Leaders which recognizes...more

Social Entrepreneurship

How to Fund Your Social Enterprise With or Without Cash

How to Fund Your Social Enterprise With or Without Cash

Jonathan May, chief executive of hubbub and contributor for The Guardian Professional, provides a step-by-step guide on how to fund your social enterprise, whether through initiative or investment.

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