McKinsey Africa podcast with Mukuru CEO Andy Jury

About 57% of Africa's 95 million people are still unbanked, and one startup is trying to change that. In a podcast with McKinsey & Co., CEO Andy Jury says his company, Mukuru, is trying to...more

Claude Moore Foundation Awards Loundoun Charities
Foundation: Moore Foundation, Claude Moore Charitable Foundation

The Claude Moore Charitable Foundation awards grants to Loudoun charities totaling almost $1 million for 2012. The recipients of the awards are: Loudon Youth Inc., Inova Nursing Scholarships, Arc...more

Orbis Brings School-Based Eye Health Intervention to Children in India

India has the highest number of blind children in the world at 680,000, and one nonprofit in the country is trying to do something about it. Orbis International is sending teams of eye care...more

Pact Foundation Awards More than $200,000

The Pact Foundation, along with the Protected Areas Conservation Trust, announces the award of five small grants for organizations to aid in the management of conservation efforts in Belize. The...more

Senators Speaks on Funding for Canadian Environmental Groups
Foundation: Moore Foundation

Toronto Sun relates that the Senate has begun examining the issue of billionaire American foundations' funding of environmental activists in Canada. For a series of Senate speeches, six...more

Thompson Education Foundation Provides Great Ideas Grants

Thompson Education Foundation has issued its Great Ideas Grants, which provides up to $2,000 to teachers in Thompson School District to execute innovative ideas in their classrooms during the 2014-15...more

Salman Khan\'s Philanthropy T-shirts

Salman Khan, an Indian film actor, is famed for his philanthropic efforts through \'Being Human\'. Khan expressed his interest in using art works created by underprivileged children at an art...more

Club Grants for Community Benefit

The Australian Mounties rugby union team is known for its hard play, but it's also known for giving back to the community. The Mounties Group, a group of more than two dozen rugby clubs in Sydney...more

Gorilla Yogis supports local organizations

The Gorilla Yogi Foundation was founded by Nan Arundel, Jessica Rosenberg and Lisa Venticinque. Goal of the foundation is to make sure the money goes right back into the community, to do the greatest...more


When Kamogelo Molobye was a first-year law student at South Africa's Wits University, he was shown a production called "The Amazing Other Show," which "sparked an interest in using performance...more

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Nepal’s Hidden Journeys has been offering travelers a glimpse of of how Nepali social entrepreneurs operate. Hidden Journeys are inspirational tours that enable tourists to visit Nepal’s changemakers, and have the visitors inspired, learned and changed.

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