Tahoe-Truckee earns 'Pacesetter' award for early age literacy work
Foundation: Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation

Laura Brown of the Tahoe Truckee elementary school was interviewed as the school is being honored for its fourth Pacesetters award. The award is one of 38 for 2016. The school provides a summer...more

Black Belt Community Foundation Awards Grants
Foundation: Black Belt Community Foundation

The Black Belt Community Foundation has recently awarded 53 grants amounting to $100,000, to community groups in its 12 county service area at a gala reception at Wallace Community College...more

The Power of Open Data to Transform and Engage Communities
Foundation: Knight Foundation

Lilian Coral, Knight Foundation's director for national strategy and technology innovation, shares details on the Foundation's new call for ideas that explore transformational ways data can be used...more

Grants for Salvation Army of Battle Creek
Foundation: Kellogg Foundation

A $150,000 grant from the WK Kellogg Foundation has been awarded to the Salvation Army of Battle Creek which will be used over the next two years to reach out and assist local families with children...more

3 teachers, 2 students accepts grant from Lake Central Education Foundation

In order to fund innovative classroom programs, the Lake Central Education Foundation has awarded five grants to teachers and two students. The grant amounting to a total of $3,206 will be used to...more

Nissan Awards Education Grants
Foundation: Community Foundation of Greater Jackson

Nissan North America and BankPlus recently awarded educational grants totaling more than $77,000 to local schools in Mississippi with more than 100 teachers and administrators from Madison County and...more

$1.4 Million in College Grants Awarded to High School Graduates

ECMC Foundation announced the award of $1.4 million in college grants to 241 graduating high school seniors in Virginia, Oregon and Connecticut. The grants are part of the ECMC Scholars Program,...more

Canada's Top Teen Philanthropist of 2011

Mackenzie Investments recognized Alaina Podmorrow as Canada's Top Teen Philanthropist of 2011. Podmorrow has been dedicated in supporting the education of women and girls in Afghanistan through...more

DBS Foundation Awards Grants to 9 Social Enterprises Across Asia

DBS Foundation, a Singaporeean NGO dedicated to championing social entrepreneurship, has awarded around Rs 6.79 Cr) to nine social enterprises (SEs) as part of its 2019 DBS Foundation Social...more

$1 Billion Pledge by Covenant Values Foundation

The Covenant Values Foundation established by Carey V. Brown and Steve Steele pledged $1 billion in grants focusing on causes fostering the needs of orphans, youth, widows, the unborn and those who...more

Social Entrepreneurship

3 Top Tips for Social Enterprises Gearing for Transformational Change

3 Top Tips for Social Enterprises Gearing for Transformational Change

The first annual Changemakers Festival, coordinated by the Australian Centre for Social Innovation, has collected thousands of  social entrepreneurs who want to create social change.

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