Early Learning Coalition of Duval Lands Website Grant

The Early Learning Coalition of Duval has been awarded a $135,000 grant from the The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida to launch its new website - an online community resource for parents...more

Day Worker Center of Mountain View Receives Technology Equipment

Day Worker Center of Mountain View is pleased to receive $12,000 worth of technology equipment from former Palo Alto Mayor and Microsoft Silicon Valley's current Director of Corporate Citizenship and...more

$124,500 Klein ISD Education Foundation

Klein ISD Education Foundation awards $124,500 in grants, fulfilling its mission to be a funding source for innovative academic and enrichment projects throughout the district. The Klein ISD...more

W. Garfield Weston Foundation Grants $4 Million

The W. Garfield Weston Foundation has recently made a $4 million donation to establish the first multidisciplinary clinic in the world devoted for adults with 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome. W....more

2012 MacArthur Fellows and Recipients of Genius Grant

Recently, the 2012 MacArthur Fellows and recipients of the foundation\'s \"genius grants\" were announced and these recipients were chosen for their intense dedication and unique approaches to their...more

D106 Education Foundation Announces $48,000 in Grants

The District 106 Education Foundation has unveiled its grants for 2012-2013 school, amounting to $48,000 for 17 different grants aimed at fostering education for students in D106. D106...more

Ridgefield Education Foundation Announces Grant Recipients

The Reidgefield Education Foundation announced the recipient of their grants last June 11, 2012. The grants are awarded based on the following criteria: the ability to move education forward; and the...more

$4.5 Million Grants Awarded through Indian River Community Foundation
Foundation: Indian River Community Foundation

TC Palm reports that $4.5 million in grants was made through the Indian River Community Foundation in fiscal year 2011 which is why over 70 philanthropists and community leaders celebrate this...more

Technology for Healthy Habits

Since online and mobile tools make it easier to connect people, charities can use this as an advantage. A nonprofit organization and a company use technology to encourage healthy living. The...more

Blackbaud, Inc. Corporate Citizenship

Blackbaud, Inc. released report featuring the company's commitment to corporate citizenship and a review of 2011 activities. Other than fulfilling its mission to offer a full spectrum of...more

Social Entrepreneurship

‘Facebook at Work’ Transforms the Social Enterprise Landscape

‘Facebook at Work’ Transforms the Social Enterprise Landscape

At present, Facebook is developing a new social network for the workplace that could serve the consumerization of IT movement. 'Facebook at Work’ will enable users to interact with colleagues, connect with professional contacts and collaborate on documents in a space that’s separate from their personal identities and activities.

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