Erica Bryant: Who wants to win $100000?

Sister Christine Wagner, a devoted neighborhood health outreach church worker at St. Joseph's church, recently was the recipient of a $100,000 Social Entrepreneurship Award for her efforts at...more

Can the Pope Francis economy change the world?

Pope Francis is seeking to address global problems by calling young people, regardless of faith, to take action. Just last month, Pope Francis has published a letter inviting young professionals to...more

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Gives Out $8.5 Million To Help African Dairy Farmers
Foundation: Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has recently awarded Heifer International with an $8.5 million grant to support project work on the East Africa Dairy Development project. The EADD project help...more

Wind Farm Fund now accepting applicants for grants

Up to £5,000 grant is offered by Grange Wind Farm Community Fund to non-profit groups for community-benefit projects. The Trust income will run for 25 years, set to contribute to the development of...more

Wright Kingdom Real Estate Contributes to Colorado Wildfire Relief

The Wright Kingdom Real Estate and its associates will be making a $50 up to $25,000 contribution for every Facebook "Like" or "Share" they receive for their Facebook Wildfire Relief photo to The...more

Focus on Climate Change from Philanthropy

The 7th Asian Venture Philanthropy Network Conference addresses social and environmental issues as part of the the launch of the region's first multi-sector Climate Action Platform by Dr Amy Khor,...more

Why citizen-power is the antidote to wealth concentration

Nobel Peace Prize winner considers ways to break up wealth among the top 1%. His ideas aim at taking the focus off of personal wealth and move it towards personal and community type gains, to in...more

Saudi women entrepreneurs

Less of an article and more an enumeration of a number of talented, young, and brave Saudi women and their enterprises. These women, through human conviction, start and run many helpful and...more

La Crosse Community Foundation Grant to Help Replace City-owned Ash Trees

The La Crosse Community Foundation is set to replace the ash trees that were cut down in La Crosse\'s boulevards. The foundation is offering the city a $50,000 grant to replace the ash trees...more

Gender Inequality and Social Entrepreneurship

Cindy Mitchell, CEO of the Mill House Ventures in Canberra, shares her experiences during her early-advertising days. She declares that she's now a vintage ad geek, where she feels there's "something...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Business Project Empowers and Benefits Women in Africa and America

Social Business Project Empowers and Benefits Women in Africa and America

Brittany Merrill Underwood, who took up a teaching position in rural Uganda, has made it her life’s mission to empower marginalized women to “transform the physical and spiritual livelihoods of their families and communities.”

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