2nd Annual Racial Healing Conference
Foundation: Kellogg Foundation

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation's second annual racial healing conference allowed scholars to make the case that Americans should understand past injustices around race and ethinicity. Kellogg's...more

Bikes of Reckless Optimism urges students to partake in social enterprise

Chelsea Koglmeier is a graduate of Duke University who worked in Uganda on a microfinance project among the refugees there. While working, she noticed that one of the most important contributions a...more

Stewart Mott Foundation Says Cops Grant Request from Flint is Under Review
Foundation: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Emergency manager Michael Brown is banking on the renewal of a Charles Stewart Mott Foundation grant to save the jobs of a dozen police officers but the proposal is still under review and it will...more

Head of the Goldseker Foundation To Step Down
Foundation: Baltimore Community Foundation, Cleveland Foundation, Weinberg Foundation

Timothy D. Armbruster, head of the Goldseker Foundation, has recently announced that after 34 years of service, he has decided to step down from his position. Throughout his tenure, Armbruster...more

RWJF Appoints Childhood Health Expert to Lead Childhood Obesity Team
Foundation: Johnson Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has selected expert in childhood health, Ginny Ehrlich, as director and senior program officer of the Childhood Obesity team effective this July. One of...more

Sorry about All That “Impact Revolution in Philanthropy” Stuff

Ruth McCambridge provides as satirical apology for being part of a movement called the Impact Revolution. Years of research for non-profit organizations has been led in a manner that provides...more

California Community Foundation Fellowship for Visual Artists for 2012
Foundation: California Community Foundation

The California Community Foundation announced 20 mid-career and emerging visual artists living and working in Los Angeles as recipients of the CCF Fellowship for Visual Artists for 2012. The...more

North Carolina’s Philanthropic Initiatives
Foundation: Winston-Salem Foundation

North Carolina has been busy raising, handing and receiving funds for its economic development. Gifts and grants are being handed out to nonprofit organizations and programs, funds being raised...more

Students Get Involve with Greek Community for Volunteerism, Charity

Fraternities and sororities wear their badges of pride and accomplishment for having their valuable contributions to philanthropy. The University of Oregon campus has its fair share of Greek...more

Papillion Community Foundation to Sponsor 2013 Winter Wonderland Event

The Papillion Community Foundation will be sponsoring the 2013 Winter Wonderland Event, which will be held on Saturday, November 30, 2013 with activities planned on the north lawn of Sump Memorial...more

Social Entrepreneurship

‘Facebook at Work’ Transforms the Social Enterprise Landscape

‘Facebook at Work’ Transforms the Social Enterprise Landscape

At present, Facebook is developing a new social network for the workplace that could serve the consumerization of IT movement. 'Facebook at Work’ will enable users to interact with colleagues, connect with professional contacts and collaborate on documents in a space that’s separate from their personal identities and activities.

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