Beauty and Style Items for Charity

Designer Tory Burch will launch her $50 'FEED' burlap tote bags at Holt Renfrew, donating a portion of sale proceeds to the FEED Foundation and the Tory Burch Foundation. This initiative isn't...more

Philanthropy the future of business: Simon McKeon

The 2011 Australian of the Year, a businessman and philanthropist himself, Simon McKeon promotes corporate philanthropy as he says there is a hunger within the corporate world to use the...more

Funding Grassroots to Win on Environment and Climate

A recent report has been made by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, otherwise known as the NCRP. It stated that in order for philanthropic initiatives to make a substantial...more

Oak Ridge and Anderson County Governments Receives Philanthropy Awards

The Oak Ridge and Anderson County governments recently received state philanthropy awards for their support as they have contributed $500,000 to a new Health Sciences and Technology Building at the...more

Clinton County Community Foundation Grants Food Bank a Lift

The Clinton County Community Foundation donates over $3,300 to help Renovo Area Council of Churches purchase a new food lift. The food lift enables council members to distribute food more easily....more

Couple Leaves $15M to Community Foundation of Northern Illinois
Foundation: Community Foundation of Northern Illinois

Dr. Louis and Violet Rubin has left $15 million to the Northern Illinois regional community which will be administered by the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois. The funds left will support...more

2nd Annual Racial Healing Conference
Foundation: Kellogg Foundation

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation's second annual racial healing conference allowed scholars to make the case that Americans should understand past injustices around race and ethinicity. Kellogg's...more

Strengths for Philanthropy
Foundation: Wal-Mart Foundation

Wal-Mart Senior Director Julie Gehrki speaks to companies on how to improve their philanthropic initiatives by focusing on what they do well. Gehkri pointed out Wal-Mart, as a logistics company,...more

Loyola Greeks Philanthropy

The Loyola Phoenix shares some of the local fraternities and sororities who engage in philanthropic acts in various fields to help the community. For instance, Sigma Pi had projects on health like...more

Mossom Creek Hatchery Gets $100,000 Grant for Rebuilding
Foundation: Moody Foundation

The Mossom Creek Hatchery in Port Moody was provided a $100,000 grant from the Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF) for uts rebuilding process following the disastrous fire last year. Construction work...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Three Philanthropic Families Ensure Legacy of Super Bowl

Three Philanthropic Families Ensure Legacy of Super Bowl
The Tisch, Johnson and Mara families have announced $3 million in donations to the NY/NJ Snowflake...

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