AAPD Foundation Now Accepting Grant Applications

The Foundation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, together with Healthy Smiles and Healthy Children (HSHC), has announced it is now soliciting applications for its 2015 Access to Care...more

Buffalo City Tourism Foundation 2013 Grant Funds

The Buffalo City Tourism Foundation has recently divulged a $37,000 decrease in their grant funding for the year 2013. Foundation Executive Director Nina Sneider, said in a report that this...more

UD Celebrates National Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day

The University of Delaware (UD) Office of Development and Alumni Relations celebrates National Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day. The University will be sponsoring a number of programs during...more

Common Good Community Foundation Awards $8,600 Grants to Local Nonprofits

The Common Good Community Foundation awarded $8,600 grants to local nonprofit organizations to fund a nonworking heater, supplies for a aquaculture class, a theater program and support for...more

MacAusland as Communication Manager at Berks County Community Foundation
Foundation: Berks County Community Foundation

Sarah E. MacAusland was named communication manager at Berks County Community Foundation and she will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the communication department. Berks County...more

Philanthropic Businesswoman Donates $1 Million To Women

One doesn't have to be a millionaire to be a philanthropist, according to Sydney entrepreneur Deanne Weir, who is debunking some of the myths about what it means to be a donor. Deanne has pledged...more

Why citizen-power is the antidote to wealth concentration

Nobel Peace Prize winner considers ways to break up wealth among the top 1%. His ideas aim at taking the focus off of personal wealth and move it towards personal and community type gains, to in...more

Saving Holy Name School

A newly founded Community Foundation in Omaha offers assistance to Holy Name School as it was about to be closed through a drafted proposal by the Archdiocese. The school having a diverse...more

Community Foundation of NCW Commits $100,000 For Fire Relief Recovery Efforts

The Community Foundation of NCW has pledged $100,000 in funds to aid long-term recovery efforts for fire relief victims in Okanogan County. The funds will go towards the employment of Disaster...more

The New Philanthropy in India

Karl F. Inderfuth says that India must find alternate ways to address its burden of chronic poverty. Having benefited from India's economic liberalization, young philanthropists are ready to give...more

The Bank of America Merrill Lynch themselves, Social Finance Inc., New York State, the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO), the U.S. Department of Labor, Chesapeake Research Associates, and The Rockefeller Foundation come together to address recidivism by training and employing ex-inmates.

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