Aqua Foundation for Women Holds 2013 Aqua Affair Celebrating Scholarships and Grants

The Aqua Foundation for Women, a nonprofit and funding catalyst for gender rights and equality in South Florida, holds its 2013 annual Aqua Affair. The annual affair will be celebrated through an...more

Charities Focus on Social Investment as a Finance Tool

Charity organizations in the UK have been using the social investment market to raise funds in the past few years. This is part of a larger trend in UK charities, which are moving away from...more

Cherokee Preservation Foundation Distributes Grants Valued at $1 Million
Foundation: Cherokee Preservation Foundation

The Cherokee Preservation Foundation has distributed 21 new grants totaling $1 million. The grants are shared by various companies, agencies and programs that support areas in cultural...more

Gorilla Yogis supports local organizations

The Gorilla Yogi Foundation was founded by Nan Arundel, Jessica Rosenberg and Lisa Venticinque. Goal of the foundation is to make sure the money goes right back into the community, to do the greatest...more

New Partners of Give2Asia Fiscal Sponsorship

The Give2Asia Fiscal Sponsorship has announced its partnership with new fiscal sponsors, Korean Development Association in Bangladesh (KDAB) and Build Your Future Today. These sponsorships are made...more

Brands Work Together at SXSW to Raise Funds for Drunk Driving Victims
Foundation: Austin Community Foundation

DropShades, Jukz Shoes, Henge Docks, and other various brands gather at South by Southwest (SXSW) to support drunk driving victims in light of the recent tragic drunk driving incident. The brands...more

Brooklyn students tackle social ills, one bench at a time

Brooklyn students, fifth-to ninth-grade students from eight public schools, have hand-painted eight benches since last January. Each school has been assigned a different focus to address and call for...more

New Program-Related Investment Regulations Released by Treasury

The main topic here is a change to Program-related investments, in which they can be used in for profit business applications. There is a semi in depth explanation of how the different government and...more

Oklahoma City Community Foundation Releases Statement Regarding \"Rock Center with Brian Williams\"
Foundation: Oklahoma City Community Foundation

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation releases a statement with reference to the March 1, 2013 episode of \"Rock Center with Brian Williams\" event. The Foundation expresses its disappointment...more

Coca-Cola dedicates $8.4 million to promote Active, Healthy Lifestyles
Foundation: Coca-Cola Foundation

The Coca-Cola Foundation has committed to give a total of $8.4 million in order to promote active living and healthy nutrition choices across the globe. $5 million will be allotted to 100...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Nonprofits, Social Enterprises Fire Up Their Missions with

Nonprofits, Social Enterprises Fire Up Their Missions with

Hundreds of nonprofits and social enterprises have benefited from by leveraging NetSuite software to manage admin operations like accounting, nonprofit business processes unique to their organizations and social impact reporting, as well as ERP, grants management and fundraising.

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