Social Activism Powering Growth of Social Entrepreneurship

Dr. Jerry Davis, Associate Dean for Business Impact, Michigan Ross School of Business, sits down with Jon Mertz of Activate World, where Mertz shares the transcript of the Activate World...more

30-Year Cumberland Community Foundation Gave Over $30 Million in Grants
Foundation: Cumberland Community Foundation

The Cumberland Community Foundation has given more than $30 million in grants for over 30 years. The foundation creates endowments that give perpetual supports for organizations. It has more than...more

Foundation to Host Community Conversation - Out of Poverty: From Surviving to Thriving
Foundation: Marin Community Foundation

The Marin Community Foundation will host a community conversation around its most recent report - A Portrait of Marin. The report focuses on the well-being of Marin County residents. The...more

V.I. 100 Club of the Community Foundation Donates $1,500
Foundation: Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands

The V.I. 100 Club of the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands will donate $1,500 to the family of a V.I. Police officer Georges recovering from a bullet wound to the neck. Corporal Elroy...more

Community Foundation Around the Globe
Foundation: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Jenny Hodgson, the executive director of the Global Fund for Community Foundations, talks about the development of community foundation internationally. During the past five years, her knowledge...more

Stage Notes Forms Charity through NNYCF
Foundation: Northern New York Community Foundation

Stage Notes established charitable organization through the Northern New York Community Foundation. The charitable foundation will involve a fund for providing grants and one to help grow a...more

$6 Million for Patients with Diabetes and $15 Million Expansion
Foundation: Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

The generous Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation awarded $6 million to help patients with type 2 diabetes. The foundation is one with Together on Diabetes to help more adults manage their disease and do...more

Royal Bank of Scotland To Offer Philanthropy Services in India

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) India has recently announced that it will soon provide philanthropy services in the country as a part of its wealth management segment. According to the bank, the...more

Could $1000 help enhance your neighbourhood?

Many people take pride of the neighborhood they live in and would be happy to help make improvements if they were able to. However, sometimes they simply do not have the money in order to be able to...more

Communicating Philanthropy Through a Framework of Terms and Definitions

The Foundation Center is currently creating a language that can be utilized by charitable organizations across the world to tell the story of their work. Jeannine Corey, the director of grants...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Business Project Empowers and Benefits Women in Africa and America

Social Business Project Empowers and Benefits Women in Africa and America

Brittany Merrill Underwood, who took up a teaching position in rural Uganda, has made it her life’s mission to empower marginalized women to “transform the physical and spiritual livelihoods of their families and communities.”

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