InsideNGO Announces the Publication of Amplify Impact Investing

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The article starts off by talking about International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) and how they have been "encompassing more than $545 million in assets." It goes on to talk of how the INGO investing network was founded about a year ago by InsideNGO and several other corporations working together to find and share their information about the INGOs and how they are using private investments to fund their work in solving development challenges that are global.

International NGOs are impacting the investments of different solutions for problems from all around the world in different sectors. They are a radically different idea instead of the normal funding and ways that have been used before. The INGOs have been able to use their connections of different corporations to "make and measure impact."

Overall the INGO Impact Investing Network represents more than $8.5 billion annually with more than a 100,000 employees. From a survey done inside of the INGO it has been reported that a third of all survey participants engaged actively in impact investing, the average reported size of investment is just under $45,000, and the respondents are the most actively involved in impact investing activities in Southern Asia and East/West Africa predominantly referring to livelihoods, agriculture, and financial inclusion.

InsideNGO is an association with 330 international non-governmental organizations and sector experts in international development and relief community. They are working together to solve problems and achieve global impact.

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