New Study Finds Understaffed Nurses in Neonatal ICUs
Foundation: Johnson Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

A new study shows that there is an insufficient staffing of nurses in neonatal intensive care units. Understaffing resulted in higher infection rates in vulnerable newborns. The study, funded by...more

Gates Foundation to Spend Money For Birth Control Techniques
Foundation: Gates Foundation

Melinda Gates, the wife of the founder of Microsoft, will spend 450 million Euros to fund a research new techniques for birth control, improve information on contraception, and make services and...more

Heart and Stroke Foundation to Fund Medical Research

The Heart and Stroke Foundation, one of Canada\'s largest health charities, promotes its advocacy programs through a $300 million funding to back 19 research institutions in the country. The...more

State Bank Foundation Accepting Grant Applications

The State Bank is accepting applications for grants through the State Bank Foundation from which they will make annual grants to organizations in the Freeport area. The State Bank Foundation aims...more

Southampton Hospital Receives $50,000 Grant
Foundation: Long Island Community Foundation

The Long Island Community Foundation awarded a $50,000 grant to Southampton Hospital for the implementation of an electronic medical and dental records management system called the NextGen. The...more

First Community Foundation Partnership's Great Grants
Foundation: Community Foundation Partnership

Susquehanna Community Health and Dental Clinic Inc. and the Lycoming County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals were recently named the first-ever recipients of the First Community...more

Leading Global Health Care Products Company Suports Nonprofit Organization

The leading global health care products company, Covidien plc (COV), will support a nonprofit organization called Brazilian Stroke Network (BSN) their program on Awareness of Stroke Prevention and...more

Burton D. Morgan Foundation names recipients of $3.2 million in grants for entrepreneurship

More than $3.2 million dollars have been awarded in philanthropic and charitable grants by the Burton D. Morgan foundation, a charitable organization based in northeast Ohio. Part of the grants have...more

Technology for Healthy Habits

Since online and mobile tools make it easier to connect people, charities can use this as an advantage. A nonprofit organization and a company use technology to encourage healthy living. The...more

Millennial Entrepreneurs Rank Higher than Boomers and GenX for Philanthropy

Millennials entrepreneurs aren't running a business just to earn money - when compared with previous generations of economic business owners, they're also focused on how they may really make a...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Launching Multimedia Social Enterprise as Result of Internship Project at Teesside University

Launching Multimedia Social Enterprise as Result of Internship Project at Teesside University

WhatAbout Films, a social enterprise which helps community organizations with film and multimedia projects, has been launched as a result of an internship project at Teesside University.

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